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1 of 1 NFTsbyLu

This NFT is the visual representation of the third song from my debut EP, which I called '8' since the track ‘8 (one take)’ by LUNA GRAZIA (me) was the first track written and recorded for this EP furthermore also semantically represents the foundation of this EP. 

'With this 1 of 1 NFT project my goal is to combine and diffuse, to create a form of symbiotic relationship between traditional and modern media, with the resulting diffusion not only paying homage to our artistic predecessors and acting as an artistic intermediary, but evolving a personally interpreted sub genre.' - About


This piece is really a very intimate form of self expression, somewhere between love letter and diary entry. The lyrics read a poetically interpreted autobiography, reflecting on the chaotic experience we call life and accepting the innate nature of everything being connected and imperative for their respective opposites. Negative and positive balance of energies. Yin and yang, if you will. 

Though it might not be too apparent through the filter of the filter of our musical interpretation, the inspiration for the beat was in fact 'Maggot Brain' by Funkadelics. I showed RGB1, the wonderful human that produced and created this EP with me, the track 'Maggot Brain' in the context of showing eachother music that really touched our souls and we immediately decided that provoking such emotions was exactly our intention for this song and the EP. We recorded this in one go, hence the title 8 (one take), in a dark studio lit only by candles. 

As before mentioned the main inspiration for this entire EP NFT project was the creative process of early Japanese Animes. I decided to paint individual frames for the tear using acrylic and oil paints as well as animate the remaining slides manually using photoshop. For this NFT I distorted the form of the original painting, the color scheme and art work frame by frame and looped an essential part of the music from ‘8 (one take)’ under the animation. Due to the autobiographical nature of the track, and it being the name giver of the entire EP, I decided a distorted version of the self portrait and animation I initially created as an NFT for the EP would be most fitting as a visual interpretation. Any observation by anyone else automatically distorts an image just by the filter of ones own perception and interpretation so why not take charge of that myself and make art from it. 


Owning this NFT will grant access to unlockable content such as a private link to the full version of the track including the animation, tickets to live performances, metaverse performances of the '8' EP, exclusive previews, and whitelisting for future NFT launches. Keeping in mind that an increase in recognition of the EP will automatically increase the value of the NFT and vice versa, I will be using the funds to reinvest into this project and my work. I will also give a percentage to the producer involved in the EP as well as to the charity fund of my choice 'Save the Children'. I will keep 8% royalty from further sales as a further reinvestment and reward for all of the hard work on the project. To read more about how this came to be go to About and for what's next go to Roadmap.

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You know more than you think you do
I close the door and I break in two
Did it once more
I'm seeing 4 of me
Never alone
But each of them lonely

But then I received 12 love letters from me
Struck by inspiration that's why each of me wrote three

It said

Baby, your eyes are just like the sky
Royally blue, but so grey when you cry

Nowhere is still somewhere you can go there with me
Entangled waves of sunlight
You're no other than me
Nowhere is still somewhere you can go there with me

With me

I'm my own muse
Sometimes Confused
But I just reconnect never transfuse

Gaia met you
That's when I knew
That we're infinity just sideways
4 of me and 4 of you (8)

We have something in common
And it's not just your name
So now there's 8 of me
Playing into this wicked game

Nowhere is still somewhere you can go there with me
Entangled waves of sunlight
You're no other than me
Nowhere is still somewhere you can go there with me

With me

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