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1 of 1 NFTsbyLu

I present to you the 'Infinity Sideways' NFT project. It is the visual representation of the debut EP '8' by
LUNA GRAZIA (the EP being the auditive and NFT being the visual self portrait). A completely unique, hand made attempt at an expression of myself and like the time period I have grown up in, a symbiotic experience of analogue/traditional and digital/modern art and media. 

'With this 1 of 1 NFT project my goal is to combine and diffuse, to create a form of symbiotic relationship between traditional and modern media, with the resulting diffusion not only paying homage to our artistic predecessors and acting as an artistic intermediary, but evolving a personally interpreted sub genre.' - About

This self portrait in the form of a 1 of 1 collectors NFT is an uncanny representation of me, or at least an insight into the perception I hold of myself. From the most minor details to the most obvious elements I would best describe it and thus me as harmonically conflicting. An oxymoron that ceases not to exist. I like to challenge the viewer with an unusual composite of contrasts and palette as well as a combination of textures created with sponges, paint brushes, Q-Tips, and my fingers. 

Inspired by the creative process of early Japanese Animes such as Akira, I decided to paint individual frames for the eye and tear using acrylic and oil paints as well as animate the remaining slides manually using photoshop. Grateful to be surrounded by such supportive and creative beings, I was able to use friends' equipment and applications to make this project possible. If any of you are reading this THANK YOU!

Owning this NFT will grant access to unlockable content such as a private link to the full version of the EP including the animation, tickets to live performances, metaverse performances of the '8' EP, exclusive previews, and whitelisting for future NFT launches. Keeping in mind that an increase in recognition of the EP will automatically increase the value of the NFT and vice versa, I will be using the funds to reinvest into this project and my work. I will also give a percentage to the producer involved in the EP as well as to the charity fund of my choice 'Save the Children'. I will keep 8% royalty from further sales as a further reinvestment and reward for all of the hard work on the project. To read more about how this came to be go to About and for what's next go to Roadmap.

Place a bid on Opensea. 

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